Journal of the Persian Gulf- Submission Instruction
Submission Instruction

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 Submission Instructions

These are step-by-step instructions for submitting a manuscript to our online submission system.

  • Begin

Register as a user in website. Click on Registration Form Fill the requested form.

  • Submit new manuscript

In your webpage click on the “Send Article”. This will take you to a new screen. You will receive article code. Fill the “Article Properties” form and click on submit. This will take you to a new page.

  • Article information

Fill the form with your article information. You need to enter Title, Abstract and Keywords of your paper into the related space. Then upload article main file.  

   Article Submission steps:


 Registration as a user in website


 Receiving the article special code


 Filling the article form with required data


 Checking the article and submitting related files and comments in the private page


 Approving the article

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